• Quick and easy procedure
  • Natural looking replacement
  • Minimum maintenance required
  • Restore your smile & confidence
  • Often requires just one session
  • Cost effective dental solution
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At Lentini Dental in Melbourne, we believe everyone deserves an amazing smile and our goal is to help you achieve this. We consult and conduct advanced dental treatment onsite, and through our state of the art equipment, we offer surgical and dental procedures all at our one Melbourne location. We conduct dental implants and tooth replacement, with all stages performed in one location.

Dental implants involve an artificial tooth root, which is substituted into the damaged or missing tooth's position. A tooth replacement (implant) will act, appear and feel like a natural tooth, hence must be cared for like regular teeth. Lentini Dental has wide experience in replacing single and multiple teeth with implants and does all that in one location in Werribee.

A Denture Alternative replacing all teeth with an implant bridge is more affordable now with the All-On-Four system. Michael Lentini has been trained by the inventor of the system in Lisbon, Portugal and had been offering this widely recognised rehabilitation technique since.

Dr Michael Lentini

A graduate of The University of Melbourne and operating since 1986, Dr Lentini has focused his practice on providing his patients with the best services and treatment. Over the years, Dr Lentini has expanded his services and now offers all procedures at his one treatment and consultation suite. Moving with technology and offering the very best in treatments, Dr Lentini offers Titanium Dental Implants and Dental Implant Surgery procedures which are both advanced and world-class.

Dental implants are available and recommended for single or multiple tooth replacements, depending on the restorative requirements and possibilities. Generally, dental implants last a lifetime. Implants connect to the bone in the mouth, more solidly than existing teeth. Because of this strong bond between natural tissues and titanium implants, dental implants are usually a better option to ensure sustainability and resilience.

Loose Dentures can be improved by using implants to stabilise and secure them in the mouth. Denture stabilisation with implants can improve the chewing function of existing or new dentures to restore confidence and comfort.

Why choose Lentini Dental for your teeth implants?

For all Teeth implant enquires and to book a consultation with Lentini Dental Melbourne to find out if dental implants are the right option for you, call us on (03) 9742-6928 or please fill out the online enquiry form.

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Dr Lentini will be able to determine where the implant will fit and be placed in your mouth. The procedure is usually completed in a single daily procedure, however it should always be done by a surgeon who has experience in implants and conducts the surgery regularly. Not only will you see the best possible results when dealing with an experienced surgeon, but your maintenance and constant monitoring will be ensured. The appropriate solution and procedures will be taken to ensure the best outcome for your teeth and health. Dr Lentini understands that each person has individual concerns.

The Dental Implant Procedure:
  1. Initial consultation
  2. X-Rays, CT Scan, and possibly impressions for models are taken
  3. Evaluation of the type of implant needed
  4. Implants are placed in the bone using gentle and precise technique
  5. A small pilot hole is inserted for the titanium implant to be placed that will hold the tooth or bridge in place
  6. The replacement tooth/teeth will be attached to the titanium implant.
  7. Regular maintenance and appointments with your dentist will ensure the best chance for longevity.

The dental implant process has been designed to be as pain free and straightforward as possible. At Lentini Dental, our staff are available pre, during and post procedure to assist with any queries or concerns patients have.

For implant, implant teeth, titanium implant enquires and to book a consultation with Lentini Dental Melbourne about whether dental implants is the right option for you, call us on (03) 9742-6928 or please fill out the online enquiry form.

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